First Impressions of Clank! By Sam


Sam take us through his first games and thoughts of Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure from Renegade Games, it was Joel’s copy that he purchashed from Meeples’ Corner.


First play of “Clank!”, possible one of the hottest games that came out at GenCon this year.

Clank is a board and deck building hybrid, not dissimilar to Super Motherload or Trains. You purchase cards which give you the abilities you need (movement, combat, money) to delve deep into the dungeon (the board) in the search of the best loot.

There’s a neat escalator mechanic, in the shape of the dragon. As you explore the caverns you cause noise (clanking armour, singing swords, etc) which gets added in the shape of cubes to a collective pool. Whenever a card with a dragon enters the purchasing pool those cubes are chucked into the dragon bag before pulling the number of cubes required for the dragon level. Cubes of player colours are added to their respective damage tracks and if any player fills that track they die. If they are in the bottom half of the board when this happens they lose all their loot. Any player that gets out or into the top half before that happens scores.

That is what happened last night, Joel and Christian got too greedy and delved too deep. The dragon awoke and killed them both while I was able to (just) make it back above ground before the game end!

A very good little deck building board game I will happily play again.

Check out Joel’s unboxing video of Clank! at Meeple’ Corner HQ.