Tabletop Gaming Live Keyforge Play-through and Review By Joel Wright

Joel attended the Tabletop Gaming Live show at the Alexandra Palace and got the chance to play the Richards Garfield’s new card game “Keyforge: Call of Archons” from Fantasy Flight Games. You can hear about the rules, watch a full play-through I did and hear my first impressions thoughts at the very end. Overview of… Read more »

Unboxing Clank! The Mummy’s Curse by Joel

Joel takes the lid off the newest expansion to Clank! The Mummy’s Curse from Renegade Games Studios. BUY Your Games ➤ SOCIALS Instagram ➤ (@devondice_joel) Facebook ➤ Twitter ➤ (@DevonDiceUK): Title Music by Dubstep

First Impressions of Clank! By Sam

Sam take us through his first games and thoughts of Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure from Renegade Games, it was Joel’s copy that he purchashed from Meeples’ Corner.   First play of “Clank!”, possible one of the hottest games that came out at GenCon this year. Clank is a board and deck building hybrid, not dissimilar… Read more »