Ghosts of Christmas Games future

This is a little different article which replaces the “On The Horizon”  monthly post. 

so here is the final post of this tri factor Christmas blog posts. The guys have reflexed on their board gaming ghost that have been haunting them and now is the time to see if they can conquer them by the end of the next year.

But first, let delve into the future and see what their hopes are in the coming new year and decade…

30th December  2019, A game you wanted to exist or one you know is coming a Kickstarter, or you are still waiting for, from backing it many years ago or a much-needed expansion for a game you love but might never see.



Game: Lost Valley of the Dinosaurs 2nd Edition

Why: My favourite game of my childhood is ripe for a fancy 21st-century reinvention and if Restoration Games don’t hurry up, I may just do it all myself. For the past couple of years, I’ve been toying with different ideas of how it may work and the current favourite option would be a combination of Clank style deck-building and movement rules with a Carcassonne-Esque tile placement method for constructing the variable jungle/Lost Valley.

I honestly don’t see this happening any time soon and requires far more energy and motivation than I can currently muster to make it a DIY project, but maybe one day…


Game: My pick for this id the game or games that is my head and I need to get out and start the design process. For about 5-6 years now I had about 3 games ideas floating around in my head two of them I have jotted down in a notebook, which I keep going back to every so often, adding or altering the plans. But now it is time I should start prototyping these ideas into reality. To tease you with my thoughts: the first and one I thought about the most, is a worker placement game where you are building something but also has a bag building mechanic in it. The second is a kind of exploring adventure game. but with the element of finding valuable goods and trying to make it in time for an event at the end, for the big reveal (point-based)  to see who discovered the best of the best. The third game is probably the oldest of my ideas of them all but I have put on the back burner for some many reasons. It is a deckbuilding game but in the style of the Command & Conquer video games.

I might have to talk to the local board game designer (Nick Shaw) to further these plans and maybe there might be one semi idea on cardboard by the end of the year. 


Game: Plants Vs Zombies: The Board Game

Why: Inspired by Jetpack Joyride and Minecraft, my son Zach has designed a board game version of the app Plants Vs Zombies. Still at the early stages but it’s got legs.


Game: Judge Dredd: The Euro Game

Why: One day, Alexander Pfister, Stefan Feld, and Reiner Knizia, the greatest ever German game designers, will each create a euro game based on Judge Dredd, the greatest ever British comic set in the greatest ever vision of a post-apocalyptic dystopian America. Will I ever need to buy another game again after getting my hands on these? Probably not.

Price: £ name your price – I’ll pay it.


Game: Mechs Vs Minions: The New Class, Expansion

Why: Mechs Vs Minions is one of my favourite games. The precious hours spent playing the campaign with my wife were probably the most enjoyable spent on gaming with my other half. The only downside? The game is made by one of the highest-grossing computer game companies of all time: who made it for minimal profit… they have little interest in the pennies to be made from board games. Therefore despite its success, they have said they made it as a passion project with no plans for a future an expansion. I don’t even want anything clever… just another campaign with a few more missions to break out the slapstick comedy of errors that is my programming skills would suit me fine!
(My second choice is Micheal’s Judge Dredd game… that sounds incredible!)

Price: £ take my money!
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I hoped you enjoyed them all, stay tuned for the next “On The Horizon” out on the 1st January 2020.

Happy New Year from The Devon Dice Podcast