Raids Review by Dr Lewis Jones

2-4 Players 60 Minutes Vikings, Sailing, Push Your Luck, Combat Designers: Matthew Dunstan, Brett J. Gilberz Artist: Biboun Publisher: Iello Games/ Coiledspring Games I first stumbled across Mathew Dunston, and Brett Gilbert’s Viking themed Raids at its release at the UK games expo. The first thing that you about Raids is the production value. The art, from the… Read more »

Nimble Review

Nimble 2-4 Players: 5 min play time Designer: Peter Jurgensen Publisher: Pegasus Speile         There does seem to be a plethora of “small box” games at the minute, (which is a welcome relief for my bowing game shelves.) One publisher that seems to have a particularly high count of these small family… Read more »