On The Horizon – UK Games Expo 2024

A bit of a change from the normal format – at the end of the month it’s the annual UK Games Expo at Birmingham NEC and the Devon Dice crew are in attendance as always. Those of you who listen to the pod will have probably heard our selections for the show, but see what the team are most interested in and why with this month’s On The Horizon UKGE 2024 special.

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Demo Choice – Deep Regrets

Tettix Games
Designer: Judson Cowan
Stand: 2-379

A video (sorry, computer) game I loved last year was Dredge, a game with a Cthulhu-esque setting where you’re a fisherman on a small boat attempting to catch the most valuable fish – but finding some deeply unsettling creatures alongside… all unravelling into a Lovecraftian mystery.

Deep Regrets takes that clearly as inspiration. It’s also from a UK version of Red Raven Games, with the game’s designer, Judson Cowan, also creating the artwork and publishing under his own label, Tettix Games. The initial artwork I’ve seen looks fantastic and if it invokes even half the theme and fun of Dredge I’m sold!

More information on BoardGameGeek.

Buy – Redwood

This one has made a few appearances in either podcast lists or in previous On The Horizon lists. It’s been due out for a while and it seems like it might finally be hitting shelves for UKGE. The publisher (Sit Down!) have a good sized stand and Redwood won the UKGE Judge’s Award for best American style game. I think one of the criteria for this must be that it can be bought at the show, so fingers crossed!

The game itself is a wildlife photography themed game with players maneuvering around a circular board depicting a nature setting, replete with animals and plants. Your job is to capture scenes with your camera (cleverly using a line-of-sight template akin to skirmish games). It looks fab, it features a theme you don’t see very often and I cannot wait to give it a try!

Publisher: Sit Down!
Designer:Christophe Raimbault
Stand: 1-982
Guide Price: £50

More information on BoardGameGeek.


Demo – Yonder

There is not much about this game as the info has just been released, but it has caught my eye because it is a worker placement and engine-building game set in a fantasy world. Same designer and artist as MOON, Streets and villagers I am hoping this is a hit.

Publisher: Sinister Fish Games
Designer:Haakon Gaarder
Stand: 1-644

More information on BoardGameGeek.

Buy – Medici

I love this game and I have never own it, I think i might look at adding this to my collect. A classic Reiner Knizia auction game for 2-6 players, now with a whole new look! This new edition of Medici features new artwork and visuals designed to immerse you in the beauty and bustle of 16th century merchant trading in Florence, Italy.

Publisher: Steamforged Games
Designer: Reiner Knizia
Stand: All About Games / 1-802
Guide Price: £35

More information on BoardGameGeek.


Demo – Shackleton Base

Build a base on the moon using variable-power workers in worker placement, whilst also racing against your opponents who are trying to do it better than you?  And from publisher Sorry We Are French, and designers Fabio Lopiano and Nestore Mangone? YES PLEASE!

Publisher: Sorry We Are French
Designer: David Sitbon
Stand: Hachette Games / 2-614

More information on BoardGameGeek.

Buy – Middle Ages

A reworking of Marc André’s previous game, Majesty: For the Realm, looks to be a nice update/modernisation of that game, changing the card draft selection to a more Kingdomino-style tile selection mechanism.  Lovely artwork from Claire Conan, and a great-looking production from Studio H.

Publisher: Studio H
Designer: Marc André
Stand: Hachette Games / 2-614
Guide Price: £25

More information on BoardGameGeek.