On The Horizon – April 2024

It’s official, Sam is useless as the web guy. We had a bunch of games to get excited about in the first quarter of 2024, but totally neglected to actually publish our On The Horizon posts about them. Rather than retread old ground, we will pick up now with April 2024. As we approach convention season, what are the titles the team are getting excited about?

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Stonespine Architects

Price: £33.95
Thunderworks Games
Designer: Jordy Adan

Another game set in the Roll Player universe by Thunderworks Games, this one is a drafting game with a spacial awareness aspect. Players are drafting cards to create dangerous dungeons – in a way it’s a little like Boss Monster, but there’s no monster and no actual adventurers (I wonder what the first expansion/next game will be!). Here you’re tasked with drafting rooms for your dungeon and adding them to your 4×4 grid, making sure you’re carving a path from one side to the other and filling up the route with perils to earn you points.

I’m constantly surprised by how much material Thunderworks have managed to squeeze from the Roll Player ‘world’ they’ve carved out for themselves and the uniqueness of the various titles. Hopefully this one will continue the trend – and one day merge this with Roll Player, letting your created characters run the gauntlet of your new dungeon!

Price: £33.95
More information on BoardGameGeek.
Preorder at Meeples’ Corner.


Deep Rock Galactic: The Board Game (Deluxe)

I would have picked Nick’s choice but I am too slow to fill the sheet so my next pick is a Video Game conversion to a board game “Deep Rock Galactic”. And If I wasn’t spending a lot of coins on a 3D printer then I think this game would be in my shopping basket for the month of April. I have played the Video Game a few times and enjoyed it, and I hear the cardboard version is quite close too. But I will look forward to playing other people’s copy when I can.

Price: £113.95
More information on BoardGameGeek.
Preorder at Meeples’ Corner.


Salton Sea

Another beautiful-looking game from Devir, this one has an intriguing theme: “In this area [California’s Salton Sea] of intense geothermal activity, you will drill the ground and extract brine which, once processed, allows us to obtain the valuable lithium and sell it as part of a modern industry, far from fossil fuels, that will allow you to lead the energy transition towards a completely renewable future.”

It sounds like a fascinating theme, mixed with standard worker placement but with a lot of very crunchy decisions to make.

Price: £27.50
More information on BoardGameGeek
Preorder at Meeples Corner.