On The Horizon – April 2024

It’s official, Sam is useless as the web guy. We had a bunch of games to get excited about in the first quarter of 2024, but totally neglected to actually publish our On The Horizon posts about them. Rather than retread old ground, we will pick up now with April 2024. As we approach convention… Read more »

On The Horizon – September 2023

Wild Tiled West

How quickly a month goes! It’s already time for this month’s preview of new releases for the month, so what are the Devon Dice crew excited for in September: Sam Freelancers: A Crossroads Game   Publisher: Plaid Hat GamesDesigner: Donald Shults There’s a couple of factors at play with Freelancers that makes me interested. Firstly,… Read more »

On The Horizon – August 2023

The last time we did an On The Horizon post was March 2020… the start of the COVID pandemic! Now that we’re (hopefully) well out of that situation, it’s time to resurrect our regular look at the games coming out in the near future and which ones the crew are most interested in. So, without… Read more »

On The Horizon February 2020

The longest month (without being paid!) is almost over, so time to start thinking about the goodies that your paycheck can be used on. What games are coming out in February to tempt you to open your virtual wallets? Let’s take a look at what the team are excited about: February 2020 Sam Game: TsukijiWhy:… Read more »

On The Horizon – October 2019

Essen is nigh! There may not be a heap of top releases in October, as a result, but there should be a glut of great new titles available up to Christmas. Let’s see what the gang are looking forward to: October 2019 Sam Game: Clank! Legacy: Acquisitions Incorporated I could pick any one of four… Read more »