November: On the Horizon

November  2018

With the largest board gaming show on the planet, now at an end, what are the big hits to come out of it, and when we will see them hit the sleeves of Meeples’ Corner? we will have to see. However, that doesn’t mean the gaming world sits still – in fact, Meeples’ Corner has some fab new titles due during the month, so let’s see what the Devon Dice boys are most interested in:


Game: Victorian Masterminds

Why: I’ve been following the development of this game since I first heard about it, about three years ago. The reason it caught my eye because was it was a design marriage of two awesome designers, Antoine Bauza (7 Wonders, Takenoko, Tokkaido) and Eric Lang (Blood Rage, Rising Sun).

Set in a fantasy steampunk Victorian England, the players are villains taking advantage of the disappearance of Sherlock Holmes, their constant nemesis, to attempt taking over Europe. Players compete to be the the most dastardly.

Link: Preorder it here 

Price: £37.95


Game: Keyforge

Why: Since playing it at Tabletop Live show and witnessing the unique deck system and gameplay, I have been eagerly awaiting its arrival to the shop. The only thing I have an issue with; is the fact that it is a PvP, 2 player game and most of the time I play in a group or with the wife who doesn’t really like these sort of games. I am hoping that I could get Caitlin into it and/or maybe even Isaac. Check out my video of me playing it at TTG HERE.

Link: Preorder it Here

Price: Starter Set 28.95 and a each deck is £6.95



Holding On: The Troubled Life of Billy Kerr

Why: Because he loved it! When we played it at UKGE, plus it is the only game he has pre-ordered from Meeples’ Corner this month. Lewis is also hoping it will arrive before he leaves the UK at the end of the month. It is a little ironic that this could be flying to OZ with Lewis because back-story in this game is that Billy is on a plane that has departed from Australia when he becomes medically ill.


Link: Preorder it here 

Price: £28.50