On The Horizon – August 2019

It’s GenCon month, so expect a plethora of delights to start dropping from this month onwards. Let’s take a look at what the Devon Dice guys are looking forward to this fine summer month:


Periodic: A Game of the Elements

Genius Games

Genius Games

A game I got a play of at UK Games Expo where Genius Games were showing it off with the rest of their science-themed games with a light educational slant. In Periodic, players are competing to collect the necessary elements to fulfil, for what of a better word, recipes for specific compounds which are in play. This is done using a range of novel mechanics which all tie perfectly with the theme of the periodic table and elemental physics. Very clever!

More information on BoardGameGeek

Preorder at Meeples’ Corner for £26.95.


Terror Below

Renegade Game Studios

I have backed this on Kickstarter, and just taken delivery of it, so expect an unboxing of the contents soon. If it wasn’t on Kickstarter I would be still very excited about this game because is “Tremors” the movie. The 1991 classic monster comedy starring Kevin Bacon, is about gigantic worms that move underground and eat everything that makes a noise above ground, Kevin and his brother are trying to survive and kill the worms before they are eaten. This game is about players moving around the desert collecting worm eggs and delivering taking them back to locations around the board. You can pick up weapons and different vehicles but remember the faster you go the more noise you make. All the while avoiding the giant worms that keep popping out of the ground to eat you. You can try and shoot the worms if you feel brave enough. The aim is to be the player to collect 20 points first.

Preorder at Meeples’ Corner for £35.95.

More information at BoardGameGeek.


Harry Potter Hogwarts Battle Defence Against the Dark Arts

The OP

Editor’s note: this is a July release, but is delayed to (probably) August! Also, meet Bill, our latest contributor – you’ll hopefully see/hear more from him soon!

Three reasons why I’ve picked this. And not one of those is because I’m a fan of the Harry Potter Universe. Firstly, I’ve recently come to realise that deck builders might be my preferred game mechanic. Secondly, my son and I have really enjoyed playing our way through the years in Hogwarts Battle but we’d really enjoy playing against each other, rather than cooperatively. And finally, I’ve been looking for a deck builder to introduce the mechanic to the primary school board gaming club I run. And what better way than via the medium of Harry Potter.  

Preorder at Meeples’ Cornoer for £19.95.

More information on BoardGameGeek.