On The Horizon – August 2023

The last time we did an On The Horizon post was March 2020… the start of the COVID pandemic! Now that we’re (hopefully) well out of that situation, it’s time to resurrect our regular look at the games coming out in the near future and which ones the crew are most interested in. So, without further ado here are the selections for August 2023 from the Devon Dice gang:




Publisher: Sit Down!
Designer: Christophe Raimbault

In Redwood players are wildlife photographers attempting to take the best photos of all the critters in the forest. It’s a set collection game that makes use of the line of sight mechanic more commonly found in skirmish games… but in a game about the natural world. I’ve been intrigued since I first saw the concept and I’m very keen to see more of it.

Price: £56.95
More information on BoardGameGeek.
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Publisher: Board & Dice
Designer: Dani Garcia

Every time I encounter the name “Barcelona,” it triggers a nostalgic symphony in my mind with the immortal vocals of the late great Freddie Mercury. It’s as if the city itself calls for a musical tribute! However, now there’s another reason for my excitement related to Barcelona From Board & Dice that bears its name.

This captivating game combines rondel action selection and tile laying mechanics, challenging players to take on the task of expanding the majestic Spanish city. Not only that, but there’s an intriguing twist as players must also appease a particular Icon (no not Freddy) Ildefons Cerdà, adding an element of strategy to the gameplay to meet his expectations.

The game’s cover is a stunning art piece that immediately draws you in, and the components are vibrant and colourful, promising a visually engaging experience. Though it appears to be a bit on the heavier side in terms of complexity, I’m eager to take on the challenge and immerse myself in the world of Barcelona the game. Let the harmonious melody of victory and strategy blend in this gaming adventure!

Price: £46.95
More information on BoardGameGeek.
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The Rich & The Good (Hab & Gut)

Publisher: Ares Games
Designer: Carlo A. Rossi

A re-release of the 2008 classic stock investment game, with new Michael Menzel artwork.

A very clever game of stock market manipulation where players have some of the information about what goods are due to go up or down in value, but not all, and have to speculatively purchase stocks, while also occasionally giving some to charity.  Have the most money at the end of the game, and not be the player who gave least to charity, to win.

Price: £33.50
More information on BoardGameGeek.
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Age of Innovation

Publisher: Feuerland Spiele / Capstone Games
Designer: Helge Ostertag

I love Terra Mystica, but it’s quite a heavy Euro and most of my gaming of the last 5 years has been lighter family oriented gaming. Every time I see a new Terra Mystica style game come out I can’t help but stare wistfully in its direction, dreaming of terraforming/ building expanding, but I think I’d have to see my original Terra Mystica copy see a lot more table time before I can justify buying anymore. But still…

Price: £66.95
More information on BoardGameGeek.
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