MOBG 43 Christmas Special episode (Updated 2.0)

Update; some of Lewis’s Audio was missing in the early version put out christmas, this has since been updated. Happy Christmas listeners. you thought there might not be another episode form the Ministry of Board Games podcast again, well you can get excited again because Joel, Tom and Lewis get together and talk about anything… Read more »

MOBG 42 – The 10 of 10

Ministry of Board Games Podcast Episode 42 and secrets are revealed, Joel is join again by Tom and he tells us about His adventures in playing Hanabi with his family then he tries to kill them off quickly in village. Joel talks about his time at the Meeples’ corner Games day and reviews 10 game… Read more »

Time lapse of Flick em’ Up

This is a quick time lapse video i put together of me and friends playing Flick em’ Up one night.  

MOBG episode 40, 7th scythe

MOBG episode 40, 7th scythe Episode 40 the Ministry of Board Games podcast as dropped and it is packed full. Games played By Joel this time; Above and Below, Grand Austria Hotel, Mission; Red Planet 2 ed, Stronghold 2 ed, Plus also mentioned: Hunger games; District 12, Among the Stars; Revival, Legendary Metal Coins.  … Read more »