Temp Worker Assassins Review

Dave sat at his desk in his little Cubicle checking the latest updates on Facescroll, He was checking out Irene from Accounts relationship status to see if the rumors were true, that she had split from Frank in HR. He found her; scrolling through it read “In a Relationship”  Maybe she’d not got round to changing it… Read more »

Isle of Skye… A Kenner-Spiel winner?

  In the last few days, the Spiel des Jahres winner has been announced, well done Codenames and CGE,  but also The Kennerspiel des Jahres winner has been announced and it was… Pandemic Leg…   [What?.. Wait, it didn’t win!.. Well what did?.. Oh!]   …but also The Kennerspiel des Jahres winner has been announced… Read more »

The Shelf of Shame

It’s a problem every avid hobby gamer likely has to some degree or another. The Shelf of Shame (SoS) is that special place where all the games we’ve bought and never played are kept, whether in practice or just figuratively in our heads. Since I started getting into the hobby and amassing a collection I’ve… Read more »