Famed for releasing one ‘big’ game per year, Days Of Wonder may not have the largest back catalogue for a big publisher, but it is packed full of quality. In 2015 they published the Bruno Cathala smash hit, Five Tribes, which took the mancala mechanic and turned it into a fascinating brain burning meeple mover.… Read more »

Shelf by Shelf #1

Inspired by others, most notably Tom Vasel’s segments in the Dice Tower’s Board Game Breakfast series, I thought a regular blog series showcasing my own shelves bit by bit might be interesting for some. If nothing else, it will help me consider my whole collection. Now, bear in mind, these shelves are subject to fluctuations… Read more »

Standing out from the crowd April 2017

I thought it had been a while since I’d blogged about anything, so while I’m thinking of something more interesting here’s a snapshot update on five projects currently on Kickstarter for you to plunge your crowdfunding budget into: #1 Peak Oil: a tabletop game about Crisis and Profit Drill and ship oil, buy hi-tech start-ups and… Read more »

My Kickstarted 2016

This is the story of my 2016 on Kickstarter. Since first discovering Kickstarter as a site I’ve been an avid user and spent far too much money on a range of projects. Over the past three years or so board gaming has been the major project area that has seen me spend my cash, so… Read more »

A month of games: November 2016

This will be the first in, hopefully, a regular series of posts outlining the games I played in the last month along with impressions of both myself and those I played with. This will be a big one, as we had our big winter gaming day with Meeples’ Corner in November, but what better way… Read more »

First Impressions of Clank! By Sam

Sam take us through his first games and thoughts of Clank! A Deck-Building Adventure from Renegade Games, it was Joel’s copy that he purchashed from Meeples’ Corner.   First play of “Clank!”, possible one of the hottest games that came out at GenCon this year. Clank is a board and deck building hybrid, not dissimilar… Read more »

The Shelf of Shame

It’s a problem every avid hobby gamer likely has to some degree or another. The Shelf of Shame (SoS) is that special place where all the games we’ve bought and never played are kept, whether in practice or just figuratively in our heads. Since I started getting into the hobby and amassing a collection I’ve… Read more »