On The Horizon – July 2019

I’ve been slack and we’ve not done one of these articles for a while… and seeing as it’s now a year since the first On The Horizon, I thought it high time we dig it out for another go – particularly with GenCon and Essen within a figurative stone’s throw! -Sam

July 2019

Sam’s pick

Game: Sushi Roll!

Why: I enjoy the card versions, but having played the dice version at the UK Games Expo, I was hooked from the first play. The game has been reworked for dice cleverly, with little sushi mats you pass the dice around the table on. This shows the players the dice they’ll receive in the coming turns and can plan or guess accordingly the likelihood of getting different types of sushi. The artwork and component quality is great and will be an easy game to teach and play.

BGG link: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/271869/sushi-roll

Preorder link: http://meeplescorner.co.uk/Board-Games/Sushi-Roll-Gamewright (£19.95)

Joel’s pick

Game: Bosk

Why: I remember seeing this at the UK Games Expo this year and never got the chance to have a play on it. But I have been hearing good things about it, things I like in my games. In this game where you are playing as trees, similar to Photosynthesis but from what I hear the dick moves are more… dickish moves. On the many times, I passed Flood Gate Game’s Stand at the UKGE, the colours and component really pop out at you and the artwork looks lovely. But the game play itself look like I would really like this game. It is played in 2 phases, first is placing trees out on a board and you try to outwit the other players and score for your trees in a row. Then you move to the second part of the game and this is where it turns mean, now your leafs are blowing off the trees and you are placing your leaves on the ground to control areas and score big. Yes that is right you are playing an area control game with tree leaf litter. Plus it also has the “Dick” squirrel token where it can block any players placing leafs in a square. It’s a bit abstract, but boy does it like good and fun. 

I look forward to playing this once it comes out. 

BGG link: https://boardgamegeek.com/boardgame/252556/bosk

Preorder link: http://meeplescorner.co.uk/Board-Games/Bosk-Floodgate-Games (£29.95)

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sourced: BBG user Bebo