Exploring Kickstarter’s Diverse Offerings: A Weekly Recap

In the bustling realm of crowdfunding, a plethora of captivating projects is reaching their climaxes while fresh endeavours are making impressive debuts. This week, our attention is riveted by a tapestry of inventive ventures that have struck a chord with backers and gamers alike. Ascendancy: Crafting an Epic Fantasy Saga Through 4X and Worker Placement.… Read more »

DDP 105 A Question of Cardboard, Castles of Burgundy (2019) vs Castles of Burgundy Special Ed

Welcome to another exciting episode of the Devon Dice Podcast 105, where hosts Joel, Sam, and Nick dive into a plethora of intriguing questions. #DevonDicePodcast #BoardGames #GamingCommunity #PodcastEpisode #Crowdfunding #TabletopGaming #questionoftheweek 1:40 – Question from the discord channel: Join it here https://discord.gg/ma7Z4Jvv2z “What games would you like to see on BGA?” Clank, obviously, OrléansBrass, Birmingham, Istanbul, Lords of Waterdeep, Through the Desert 9:21 – News: Cathedrals of Orléans  Orléans: The Plague Expansion Boonlake: Artifacts expansion Evacuation  15:38 – Crowdfunding: Ascendancy is the Ultimate Worker Placement Meets 4x Fantasy Board Game. Marrakesh: Camels & Nomads expansion Tiny Laser Heist 28:04 – Played Games Sam Castles of Burgundy (2019) Nick: Castles of Burgundy Special Edition; Snowdonia Deluxe; Gentes Joel: Beast, Sniper Elite the Board Game 56:00 – Lewis Holt questions for ep 100 of the week… Q10 Why is Tapestry still in your collection? Q4 Which gaming mechanism is your favourite and which is your least favourite to use?  (Possibly even theme) Tune in to Devon Dice Podcast Episode 105 for a dynamic mix of questions, news, crowdfunding highlights, and engaging gameplay discussions that will leave you eagerly awaiting your next gaming adventure! #DevonDicePodcast #BoardGames #GamingCommunity #PodcastEpisode #Crowdfunding #TabletopGaming Ways you can engage or contact the show Here is the link to our discord channel Devon Dice https://discord.gg/ma7Z4Jvv2z Find us on Twitter @DevonDiceUK, Facebook page, BGG Guild Find us on @DepressedMonk3y

DDP 104 Guest Dan Apsey from the 24hr Board Game Marathon Event

Welcome to Devon Dice Podcast Episode 103! Join hosts Joel, Sam, and Nick as they welcome a special guest, Dan Apsey from the 24-hour board gaming marathon in Illminster. This episode is packed with engaging discussions and exciting updates. 24-hour Board Gaming Marathon Their conversation takes a heartwarming turn as they delve into the incredible charity event supporting “Cots for Tots” at St Michael’s Hospital in Bristol. Learn about the meaningful impact of the marathon and how it raises funds for a noble cause. Mini Marathon Ticket  Exploring the gaming world, the team shares their thoughts on Waterfall Park, a new re-themed version of Chinatown. They also dive into the intriguing General Orders: WWII and discuss the mind-boggling sale of The One Ring MtG card for a staggering $2 million! In the realm of upcoming games, excitement fills the air with news of Foundations of Metropolis, a non-blinged version of Foundations of Rome. Elizabeth Hargrave and Mark Wootton make an appearance with the announcement of their new game, Undergrove. News Waterfall Park (new re-themed version of Chinatown) General Orders: WWII The One Ring MtG card sold for $2m Foundations of Metropolis Undergrove  Steam Power  “Colossal” Cat in the Box edition coming Dorf Romantik gets a 2-player-only competitive spin-off  Disney Lorcana Dice Tower Awards winners announced Crowdfunding The episode wouldn’t be complete without a crowdfunding roundup featuring Call of Duty: The Board Game and Perseverance Castaway Chronicles: Episodes 3-4. Call of Duty: The Board Game Perseverance Castaway Chronicles: Episodes 3-4 Iron Rails series #4: Age of Rail: South Africa (a reprint of an older Winsome Games game from John Bohrer) Stowii gaming table Played Games Special guest Dan shares his experiences with Perseverance: Castaway Chronicles: Episode 1 and Rustling Leaves, while the hosts reveal their recent gameplay: Joel with Hegemony and Thunder Road Vendetta, Nick exploring Planet Unknown and After Us, and Sam delving into The Artemis Project. Dan’s Boardgame Marathon: Perseverance

On The Horizon – August 2023

The last time we did an On The Horizon post was March 2020… the start of the COVID pandemic! Now that we’re (hopefully) well out of that situation, it’s time to resurrect our regular look at the games coming out in the near future and which ones the crew are most interested in. So, without… Read more »

103 DDP The HEAT is on… review and more

Welcome to Devon Dice Podcast 103! Join hosts Joel, Lewis, and Nick as they bring you the latest and greatest from the world of board gaming. In this episode, the team kicks things off with exciting news about the Spiel des Jahres winners! Kinderspiel des Jahres: Mysterium Kids: Captain Echo’s Treasure Kennerspiel des Jahres: Challengers! Spiel des Jahres: DorfRomantik Everdell Farshore announced – a new standalone game in the Everdell universe New reprints announced for classic games Tigris & Euphrates  and El Grande  A certain new solo expansion for Terraforming Mars’ upcoming KS announced. You might know the designer… 🙂 Next up, they explore the world of crowdfunding with enticing projects like: Obojima Tales From The Tall Grass  Coloma: New Prospects expansion Gloomhaven: Buttons & Bugs Hamlet: By The Lake expansion Planet Unknown Supermoon Expansion + Deluxe Reprint Catacombs II In the “Played Games” segment, Joel shares his thoughts on Revive, while Nick dives into Connecting Flights and Peak Oil: Profiteer. Lewis takes on the strategic world of Orléans, Revive Connecting Flights Peak Oil: Profiteer Orléans and the team delivers an in-depth review of Heat: Pedal to the Metal. Review of Heat: Pedal to the Metal  Get ready for a jam-packed episode filled with board game news, reviews, and engaging discussions on Devon Dice Podcast 103! #DevonDicePodcast #BoardGames #SpielDesJahres #Everdell #BoardGameNews #Crowdfunding #HeatPedalToTheMetal Here is the link to our discord channel Devon Dice

102 DDP the OG Host returns, Tom is in the house

Welcome to Devon Dice Podcast 102! Join hosts Joel, Lewis, Sam, and Nick as they are reunited by the original podcast host, Tom, who makes a triumphant return after four years away. The question on everyone’s mind: What has Tom been up to, and is he still immersed in the world of board gaming? In this episode, the team kicks off with a discussion about the intricacies of editing their milestone 100th episode. Then, they dive into the latest news and updates from the gaming world, including insights into the Origins visitor numbers, a breakdown of the Spiel and Kennerspiel des Jahres nominees from Dice Tower, and a glimpse into intriguing crowdfunding campaigns. what they have been playing and to wrap up the episode, the team discusses highly recommended games that have emerged in the last four years. Exciting titles like Dune Imperium, HEAT, MicroMacro, and numerous deluxe reprints of older games are explored. Tune in to Devon Dice Podcast 102 to catch up with the gang, discover their recent gaming experiences, and witness the long-awaited return of Tom to the podcast! 4:08 – 100-episode editing and discussion News 9:03 – Origins visitor numbers Dice Tower’s rundown of the Spiel & Kennerspiel des Jahres nominees Crowdfunding 10:19 – Mystery of the Abbey 13:52 – Cyclades Legendary Edition 17:11 – Planet Unknown + Supermoon exp 18:56 Train Rush 10:13 – Queen Games launch (with no obvious marketing), then cancel, Escape: Curse of the Temple: Family Box (KS) 22:10 – OmniDice Played Games 26:38 – Joel – DorfRomantik, 30:30 – Sam – Namigi , Clank chat; is Clank Legacy a thing? 36:06 – Lewis – Flamme Rouge 41:18 – Nick – Disney Villainous, 45:56 – Next Station: London (BGA) 49:47 –  Tom – Concordia, Tzolk’in, Splendor, Kluster Any other business (if you have anything to share) 01:06:18 – Joel – changing jobs from cleaning to car mechanic, spiderman in the spider-verse Lewis – Slay the Spire 1:14:44 –  Sam – Starfield from Bethesda coming in September. Xbox showcase just showed off a huge amount of content. Cannot wait. 1:21:02 – Nick –

101 DDP. The good, the Bad and the Queues of UKGE 2023

Welcome to Podcast 101! Join your hosts Joel, Nick, Sam, and Lewis as they bring you the latest updates and intriguing discussions from the world of board games. In this episode, they dive into several captivating topics: Quackalope are accused of asking for money to redo a negative “review” Response from Quackalope Spiel des Jahres & Kennerspiel des Jahres nominees and recommendations announced SdJ nominees:KSdJ nominees: Dorfromantik: The board game Fun Facts Next Station: London Challengers!  Iki  Planet Unknown Ticket to Ride: Legacy announced (some more info shown at UKGE, thanks to Stephen Buonocore) Gloomhaven: Second Edition is coming in 2024 CMON: Metal Gear Solid game Ravensburger being sued by Upperdeck over Disney Lorcana A Heroscape return may be back on the cards  Crowdfunding Crossbows and Catapults (KS coming soon) Thoughts on UKGE # attendees – 32,000 unique (52,000 turnstile); this is above 2019 levels of 25,200 unique! (and especially high considering train strikes saw a lot of people unable to get there)Games we saw/played #Events (laser tag) Bring & Buy issues Venue & Organisation Played Games Joel Donning the purple Flame craft Dodo Nick Dorfromantik

The big 100 Episode

Join Joel, Sam, Lewis, and Nick in a special milestone event as they gather in a semi-empty Games room at the UK Games Expo (UKGE) to record the highly anticipated 100th episode of the Devon Dice Podcast. In this commemorative episode, the team takes a nostalgic journey through the incredible moments they’ve shared on the podcast. They delve into captivating discussions about their favorite board games, captivating interviews with special guests, and even share their laments over regrettable experiences with Kickstarter campaigns. Amidst the lively conversations, they also take a moment to reflect on their experiences at the UKGE, discussing the highlights and exciting discoveries they encountered during the event. Additionally, they dedicate a portion of the episode to answering thought-provoking questions submitted by their dedicated listeners. To conclude this celebratory episode, prepare to indulge in a delightful compilation of the best moments from past shows. It’s a perfect opportunity to relive the laughter, insights, and memorable interactions that have made the Devon Dice Podcast a cherished listening experience. While you can find links to a selection of featured podcasts below, be sure to visit Devon Dice’s official website for access to their complete archive of past shows and immerse yourself in the wonderful world of board gaming. Episode 1 – https://devondice.co.uk/devon-dice-podcast-present-episode-one/ Episode 24 Xmas special 2017 – https://devondice.co.uk/24-devon-dice-christmas-special/ Episode 25 top 5 game 2017 – (so funny) https://devondice.co.uk/25-devon-dice-podcast-the-top-5-games-they-played-in-2016/ Thanks to the listeners who sent in questions for the team to answer; your engagement and support mean the world to us! We appreciate your contributions and are always eager for more thought-provoking queries to challenge us. If you have a comment or question you’d like to share, we encourage you to use the links below: Ways you can engage or contact the show Here is the link to our discord channel Devon Dice https://discord.gg/ma7Z4Jvv2z Find us on Twitter @DevonDiceUK, Facebook page, BGG Guild Find us on @DepressedMonk3y @The_BreweryTour @meeplescorner @njshaw2   Our web page www.devondice.co.uk Youtube – DevonDiceUK please like subscribe to our channel https://youtube.com/@DevonDice devondice2015@gmail.com     

DDP. 99 The before UKGE, Clank! Legacy

Joel, Nick, and Lewis are back with another podcast and along with the normal show content: News, Kickstarters, and we look at BoardGameGeek Awards and the upcoming UKGE event. Episode 100 is coming up and we would like your questions to the team. News More trouble for Kickstarter backers, Rainbow 6 (6: Siege) board game more money needed from backers Steeped Games, the publisher behind Chai Tea and Tea for 2, has been (quietly) dissolved, having not fulfilled Chai: Tea for 2 Video game First-person shooters coming to Cardboard Call of Duty Apex Legends S.T.A.L.K.E.R. The Board Game Fantasy Flight bring out the Star Wars Unlimited collectable card game  Sea of Thieves board game from steam forge Dire Wolf new game: Wild Tiled West Board game geek awards winners announced Crowdfunding Clank! Legacy 2 – KS link The Hunters AD 1492 gamefound Played Games Little Town: Artisans echoes: The Cocktail Pi Mal Pflaumen (Plums) – new version, “Pies”, on KS now Wingspan + Oceania Century: A New World Civilisation: new dawn Evolution climate Oceans Quest for El Dorado Kingdomino Topic UKGE New Games: https://www.ukgamesexpo.co.uk/whats-on/show/new-games/? Sam’s list: https://boardgamegeek.com/geeklist/314599/ukge-2023-list Any other business  Nick – The Expanse book series (James S A Corey) (and the Prime TV show too) Joel – Suits on Netflix Ways you can engage or contact the show Here is the link to our discord channel D