80. DDP with Guest Host Rory Muldoon – designer of Skora and Pier 18

Apologies for the lateness of this latest podcast, we have all been a little busy throughout the last few months, however, Joel and Sam are joined by Rory Muldoon artist and gamer designer of Skora from Inside the Box Board Games.  Joel Played: Forgotten Waters https://www.fwcrossroads.com/ https://remote.fwcrossroads.com/ Sam Played: Lanterns Dice Rory played: Skora, TinderBlox… Read more »

DDP Vlog 3, Youtube Joel and Lewis Reacts to the Board Game Geek awards

Joel and Lewis jump on the mic to give their thoughts on the Boardgame Geek awards 2019 that came out mid-April 2020. Find what they thought about wingspan winning everything well nearly everything, all the winners and losers plus they have a look back on some past winners. watch the video here https://youtu.be/rNDOu0QTaR4 Board Game… Read more »

DDP 77. Lock down series, with guest host Justin Smith.

Joel is joined by one half of the Last save Loaded Podcast Justin Smith AKA @Onyersix to talk about board gaming in this climate. games they have played: Kanban, On Mars, Stop Thief!, Azul, Shards of infinity, Charterstone: Digital Edition, Kickstarter: Frosthaven  News: https://icv2.com/articles/columns/view/45542/world-according-griepp-distributor-cash-flow-101 What other things to do: Audible Disney+ Find the twitter @DevonDiceUK… Read more »